Size25 Yards
  • Shell: hard plastic case with rubber internal lining

  • Completely air-tight (waterproof up to 1 ft only; avoid submersion)

  • Charger included

  • Charge time: 4 hours

  • Run time: 8-10+ practices

  • LumaLanes System can be used while charging

  • 4 lane ports on sides

  • Can only connect to one device at a time

    • The entire LumaLane light strip is encased in continuous silicone cover over the entire length for waterproofing and durability
    • There is a nylon handle located at the end of the LED strip for easier installation into the water
    • LumaLanes plug into the side of LumaBox
    • Device connects to LumaBox via Wifi
    • App on device is opened and set to pace as desired by swimmer(s)
    • Press green "START" button on app to send lights into motion
    • Lights move at desired pace and interval
    • Swimmers chase the lights!
    • The entire LumaLane and integrated LumaWeights are to be stored in the storage bag; easily organized for quick installation (installation time < 2 mins)
    • No other maintenance necessary

    • Pro tip: leave LumaWeights permanently attached to LumaLanes

    Allow LumaLanes in LumaBag to dry overnight in swim closet (hang bag for best results)


    $2,000.00 USD

    Are LumaLanes safe to use?

    LumaLanes is now officially CE certified. CE is a commonly accepted, international safety-standard. LumaLanes is completely safe to use in the US and most all international countries. LumaLanes has spent $8,000+ on mandatory testing in order to receive safety approvals/ certifications for use throughout the entire world. We have full confidence they are safe

    What if we have a slant on the bottom of our pool?

    Swimming pools sometimes have bottoms which are aggressively slanted, some are flat; Because of the strategically designed LumaWeights, LumaLanes works perfectly with almost any pool!

    How many lanes per 1 LumaBox?

    Each LumaBox can run up to 4 LumaLanes 25YD/25M strips simultaneously. 50M LumaBox can only run 2 lanes simultaneously. Each LumaBox is run by one device (iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad, laptop, Mac) via Wifi

    Do LumaLanes only help distance swimmers?

    All swimmers benefit from LumaLanes! Of course, Lumalanes maximizes a distance-swimmer's stamina extremely efficiently, but they also force sprinters to reach new top speeds! If you're not throwing on some fins and setting the lights to race-pace, you're leaving dropped time on the table

    Should I remove the LumaWeights after each use?

    We recommend keeping the LumaWeights attached for the life of the LumaLane. This will allow for faster install times as well.

    How long does it take to install them each time we use them?

    Since they are removable, it makes for a lot of setup and takedown. If one swimmer is removing the LumaLane from the LumaBag as another swimmer swims the yellow-handle side down the length of the pool it should take about 2-3 minutes or so. It may take some practice, but 2-3 minutes is a pretty common time for set up. Same time for takedown

    Shipping + International

    CE-approved Worldwide

    LumaLanes is CE approved and certified! CE is an international safety requirement. This means LumaLanes is completely safe. We're determined this technology will change the sport of swimming as we know it. We want to spread LumaLanes throughout the entire world, one country at a time.

    Fast shipping

    All orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days of received payment. All U.S. orders will be delivered to buyer within 5-7 business days. International orders may take longer.

    Order tracking

    Tracking will be provided once the items have been dropped off to shipping services. You will be notified by PayPal or LumaLanes via email. For international orders, tracking may not always be available.

    About us

    Cameron Briggs

    Cameron has been a swimmer since the age of 6 and state champion since the age of 7. Highlights of his swimming career are racing head-to-head with Michael Andrew (as an 8-yr-old), winning back-to-back state championships as a sophomore and junior in high school, & going 51.99 in the 100-yard backstroke as a senior. Cameron now studies Strategic Management in college and graduates in 2025. Since his retirement from swimming, Cameron enjoys flying his drone and playing a lot of golf!

    Dan Briggs

    A multiple-time Coach of the Year in Iowa & nominee for National Coach of the Year in 2022. "Coach Dan" has won 5 men's and 3 women's Iowa High School State Swimming Championships in the first 13 years of Waukee High School's program existence. His swimmers have competed all over the nation as D1 athletes at the Universities of Kentucky, Arizona State, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota to name a few! When off from coaching, Dan enjoys playing pickleball, playing Candy-Crush, and making slappy Pico de Gallo


    Sprinters AND Distance-swimmers

    No matter if you swim the 50, 100s, 200s or even the mile, LumaLanes help all swimmers of all distances!

    Immediate Feedback

    Real-Time Visual

    LumaLanes converts strategic goal times into dynamic visuals, providing feedback in real-time to maximize efficiency during live workouts